Spot Which Restaurant You Want To Visit In Rockville MD

We’re not done with Rockville MD just yet. There are top restaurants that I’ve brought to your attention, but there’s more to discuss if you’re up for new adventures. Maybe you’ve yet to try out one of the top places to eat in Rockville. Whether you have or not, these four picks are certainly worth giving a shot.

Niwano Hana Japanese Restaurant is going to wow you, and its location is 887 Rockville Pike. It is a sushi restaurant. Do you like sushi? If not, you might want to try a different place, but it’s certainly a great sushi stop. Niwano Hana Japanese Restaurant has been around for years, and it is known for its specialty rolls. They do serve up more than sushi, like tempura shrimp and veggies. Plus, you can order up some Japanese beer there, too.

Sugo Osteria & Pizzeria is delightful, and the location for the restaurant is 12505 Park Potomac Avenue. Order up steak and eggs, blue crab, pizza and more. I picked this place because of the authentic Italian food + pizza combination, but now the blue crab has my attention. Crab is so delicious, don’t you think? I will tell you what though, Italian food and pizza sounds delish right now, too.

By the way, at the place I just mentioned, you can also order up Greek yogurt and a Nutella waffle. I’ve had a Nutella dessert at one place before, it was one of the best desserts ever. Now get ready for this pick, Cheeburger Cheeburger. Yes, you are seeing that name correctly. It is cheeseburger misspelled twice, and you know it’s about ordering up the best burgers.

This cheeseburger place is located at 14921 Shady Grove Road, and it’s a place where you can create your own burger and enjoy a nice shake. That sounds absolutely scrumptious. What’s next? There is one more restaurant in Rockville to discuss, and you’re certainly going to like it I do think.

It’s called That’s Amore, and its all about Italian cuisine. The location is 15201 Shady Grove Road, and it is actually fine dining. Now that is a unique Italian food experience, wouldn’t you say? Maybe you’re up for the fine dining, or maybe one of the other restaurants has already got your attention. I’m stuck on the Nutella waffle myself, but I certainly wouldn’t find trying out an Italian fine dining experience, especially on a special occasion.

Rockville Restaurants That Feature Great Menus And Delicious Food

Yekta Kabobi Restaurant & Market is the first place I want to mention for this piece about the top restaurants in Rockville. You get a bonus with this pick because it’s not just a place to eat but a market as well. Shop and dine at 1488 Rockville Pike, and be sure to enjoy some saffron ice cream. Smoked eggplant, lavash bread, kabobs and more are also on the menu. People say that you can also expect to find some delicious stews.

The next place to mention is called The Grilled Oyster Company. The Grilled Oyster Company can be found on Tuckerman Lane. Order up a fish plate there, Maryland crab, tuna, oysters and more. The monkfish makes the menu highlights, as does the soft shell crab sandwich. You can also expect to find some delicious fish tacos there as well.

Woodside Delicatessen is a good stop to make. Can you smell the fresh breads, meats and cheeses right now? That’s what is so great about a deli. When you visit a restaurant, you’re not always guaranteed the food is so fresh. Yet when you visit a deli, you’re talking about fresh whole foods. This deli is located at 4 North Washington Street, and the reuben is a top pick from the menu. Woodside Delicatessen also serves pancakes according to the reviews.

Summer House Santa Monica is located at 11825 Grand Park Avenue. Now this restaurant is located in North Bethesda, but it’s close enough to Rockville to get a mention. Order up pancakes, cookies, pasta and more. There is also a menu item on the highlights called a poke bowl. Does Summer House Santa Monica seem like a place you would like to try?

What about the Kielbasa Factory? Its location is 1073 Rockville Pike. You’re talking about Polish food of course, and that sounds scrumptious. People say Kielbasa Factory is a hidden gem, and that gets your attention, doesn’t it? There are so many different cuisines to consider when you’re going to eat out, but Polish or German sausages are always a hit if you ask me. Wow what a meal this is going to be.

Of course, you have four places to pick from as you prepare to dine out in Rockville. The Polish sausage is what is on my mind, that and the deli that also serves up pancakes. That is a restaurant where you get two favorites in one.